MOPTIL has a team of specialized and experienced professionals involved in the implementation of more than 30 successful projects in the field of technologies of Augmented, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, is the best choice for the design and implementation of cutting-edge technology projects.

All MOPTIL projects are related to Virtual and Augmented Reality applications and services enhanced with Artificial Intelligence features. All its Apps are based on state-of-the-art software and are operational with hundreds of thousands of users.



Our company undertakes projects with complex and demanding Integration and offers a series of unique services:

  • User Interface Design and Development and User Experience
  • Development of 3D photorealistic graphics according to the requirements of the Project
  • Development of Augmented and / or Virtual Reality features
  • Development of experiences based on Artificial Intelligence technologies
  • Project Management Services with modern tools and methods
  • Implementation of demanding Integration services
  • Testing and optimization procedures
  • Support during operation with ticketing and SLA 24/7
  • Support during maintenance with ticketing and SLA 24/7
  • Supervision of specialized scientists – consultants on a case-by-case basis (e.g. Archaeologists, Geologists, etc.)

use cases

MOPTIL, along with the Benaki Museum, has created an AR (Augmented Reality) experience that allows visitors to the museum and users from around the world to see how various exhibits come to life using this modern technology.

The application uses the position and rotation of the user’s device to superimpose 3D models and recreations of battle scenes with audio and particle effects to stimulate the senses of its users, enhancing the way that artifacts are presented. The inclusion of interaction and mini games in this application further illustrates the importance of gamification in the learning paradigm and shows the advantages that it can have in the culture and education sectors.

“Benaki 1821” application is available for smartphones and tablets, in Android and iOS, focusing on the museum’s exhibits and giving a greater understanding of what history is enclosed in each of them, can lead to augmented museum tours and virtual exhibitions.

The extension of such applications and the inclusion of AR experiences will help transform the way we interact with the world, especially in the education, entertainment, and culture sectors.

MOPTIL – Mobile Optical Illusions, with long year experience in graphic applications and gamification, has successfully developed  a Virtual Reality training system for the bus drivers in association with the learning experts of Learning4Teams for OSY ACADEMY .


Municipality of Mykonos, aiming to enhance the experience of tourists and vistors of the Island.

In this project MOPTIL combined ancient myths and cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology to create a unique experience, in the form of a mobile video game that allows its users to fight with Giants from Greek Mythology.

The application allows the user to battle 6 notorious giants (Alcyoneus, Enceladus, Gaia, Ephialtes, Klytios, Evrymedon) from the Greek myths and learn useful information about them. Each one has specific abilities that will correspond to the powers that they had according to legend. The user takes on the role of the mighty hero Heracles and is tasked with defeating each giant with his bow. The Giants themselves are a part of the Gigantomachy, a big part of Greek mythology where the Gods fought against the giants to establish themselves as the higher power.

“Mykonos Giant’s Hunt” application will be available for smartphones and tablets, in Android and iOS, and will allow users to experience the fights in the real world and use the position of their devices to outmaneuver the enemy and prevail. This is achieved by using the POSE system (position and orientation) of the device in the real world which permits the location of the giants as 3D objects to stay at the correct position throughout any rotation or movement of the user’s device.

The 3D models of the giants have been carefully designed to represent the unique powers that each of them had, while remaining faithful to the appearance of the average Greek warrior as guided and supervised by the archeologist Katerina Servi. The application also targets specific areas of Mykonos for users to explore but can be experienced from anywhere in the world.

The application can also be used as a method to bridge the gap between supplementary education through gamification and innovative technologies that can be adapted to a new standard of teaching, from a distance or even locally, on site. It is MOPTIL’s vision to explore new techniques and combine them with the culture sector to provide a customized and more enjoyable method of learning.