First Project for Moptil in Spain!

Moptil signs a 6 six years contract with the Cartagena Puerto de Culturas in Spain in order to develop Moptil’s unique Virtual and Augmented Reality services in the Roman Forum. The Cartagena Roman Forum district is a well preserved archaeological Site and a NEW museum with many thousands of visitors every year. Moptil has taken over to provide a full tablet service, including an App developement that will bring in life the ancient Forum, assisting visitors to visualise the place fully Reconstructed in 3D, with colors, objects, statues and Ancient Romans. The App will be a combination of Augmented and Virtual Reality and will integrate many new innovative technics. The visitors, within 2019, will have the ability to get a tablet of Moptil at the main, new entrance of the Site and open a virtual window to history having the opportunity to see in full correspondence with the today remains how everything used to be thousands years ago. The App will also include an audio narration in many languages and many other surprises.