Augmented Reality is a rapidly expanding sector that is being constantly updated and upgraded with new research and information. It works by combining the feed of the camera from a device and digital content – Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), to seamlessly merge the virtual into real-world experiences.

Augmented reality technology can track a 3D virtual object’s location and rotation in 3D space while at the same time map the surrounding environment in order to place the objects at the correct place in the scene and keep them there. All this is achieved in real time, and this is what makes an enormous difference, as pre-recorded merging of CGI and real action was done many years ago.

Environmental feature detection for planes, detection or image tracking as well as pose (positional and orientational) tracking are all techniques associated with AR. From face filters with face tracking to motion tracking with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), AR is an emerging technology that is definitely going to play a leading role around the globe for years.

AR can turn experiences like guided tours into unforgettable, immersive explorations. Augmented Reality adds extraordinary value to conventional cultural heritage, education, gaming and many other industries.

For the Municipality of Mykonos, MOPTIL created the “Mykonos Giant’s Hunt” application, combining ancient myths and cutting-edge augmented reality technology to create a unique experience for tourists and visitors of the island, in the form of a mobile video game that allows its users of fighting Giants from Greek Mythology.

Use AR to create efficient, smart and customized platforms, combining the physical and digital worlds to help users create unforgettable experiences!