Mobile Application Benaki 1821

MOPTIL, along with the Benaki Museum, has created an AR (Augmented Reality) experience that allows visitors to the museum and users from around the world to see how various exhibits come to life using this modern technology.

The application uses the position and rotation of the user’s device to superimpose 3D models and recreations of battle scenes with audio and particle effects to stimulate the senses of its users, enhancing the way that artifacts are presented. The inclusion of interaction and mini games in this application further illustrates the importance of gamification in the learning paradigm and shows the advantages that it can have in the culture and education sectors.

“Benaki 1821” application is available for smartphones and tablets, in Android and iOS, focusing on the museum’s exhibits and giving a greater understanding of what history is enclosed in each of them, can lead to augmented museum tours and virtual exhibitions.

The extension of such applications and the inclusion of AR experiences will help transform the way we interact with the world, especially in the education, entertainment, and culture sectors.

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