“Innovation, Technology and Human Experience is at the heart of what we do

Creating unique Experiences  through innovative technology

OUR VISION: Enable people to harness new opportunities and cultural, educational and professional capabilities through technology and innovation.

OUR MISSION: To become market leader in creating unique intuitive Experiences for through innovative technology.

OUR TOOLS: We use Augmented & Virtual Reality technology with state-of-the art conversational bots powered by Artificial Intelligence, to create life-like immersive experiences in the fields of/with applications in Culture, Education, Professional Training, Construction, Public Infrastructure and Gaming.

OUR PAST: Since we pioneered the use of immersive technologies in Cultural Heritage in 2013, we have demonstrated to more than 380,000 users the advantages of fusing technology and knowledge.

OUR FUTURE: We are constantly developing fresh, engaging experiences,with the power of the rapidly advancing AI and AR technologies; experiences that profoundly affect as many individuals and organizations as possible.

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