MOPTIL contributes to Hellenic Cosmos Dome Interactive Productions for Virtual Journeys to Ancient Greece

MOPTIL proudly worked with the team of Hellenic Cosmos Foundation for new Productions in the famous Tholos, a unique immersive theater experience with projections in a Dome.

The planetarium-like Tholos Theater of Hellenic Cosmos offers a unique chance to enjoy interactive virtual tour of the Acropolis as it was in the Golden Age of Athens as well as the sanctuary of Delphi.

MOPTIL’s expert team of 3D Artists and Archaeological Curators contributed to the production by designing, in close collaboration with Hellenic Cosmos expert team, 3D reconstructions of the Monuments and Statues used in the Virtual Journey.

The projects were supervised for archaeological accuracy on behalf of MOPTIL by Prof Valavanis Professor Emeritus at Department of History and Archaeology at the National and Capodistrian University of Athens and Prof Didier Laroche at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg.

Διαδραστική Περιήγηση στο Ιερό των Δελφών

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