MOPTIL participated in the Mobile World Congress 2023 international exhibition in Barcelona

The company presented its Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications it is developing for archaeological and art sites.

MOPTIL participated for the second time in the international exhibition MWC – Mobile World Congress 2023, held in Barcelona from 27 to 2 March 2023. MOPTIL was hosted as part of the participation of Eurobank’s EGG business accelerator in the Greek pavilion organized by ΣΕΚΕΕ with Enterprise Greece.

The company showcased its technologies that change the way we humans experience culture, as visitors to cultural spaces such as museums and archaeological sites. In particular, MOPTIL develops applications that offer interactive visits to cultural sites, enhancing the overall user experience in a natural and affordable way. Using MOPTIL’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications on a mobile or tablet, visitors feel like they are inside the site they are visiting as it was in ancient times, ‘seeing’ monuments, temples, objects and works of art through excellent digital representations.

“We offer original and immersive experiences, we connect the visitor with the history of the area and with the creative arts. We want to change the way people perceive art and cultural heritage. We are particularly interested in the new generation, who already use AI and AR technologies in many applications and are familiar, but also people who for various reasons cannot visit the spaces but want to enjoy them. We make them accessible and interesting, in a modern, attractive and fun way” said Mr. Michalis Kokkinos, founder and CEO of MOPTIL.

The company has already developed applications for archaeological sites and museums in Greece and Spain, and is pursuing its further development in new international markets and sectors such as Professional training.

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