User interface and user experience are both incredibly essential, and while they are often disregarded, end users always know when an application’s user interface or user experience is subpar. The flow of the application, the icons, the instructional information all play a significant role in the way that your application will be perceived. A well-planned and designed application will convey professionalism and a better understanding of the client and end user.

MOPTIL is staffed by UI and UX experts who are capable of developing the best solutions and creating high-quality applications by aligning technology, human experiences and innovation.

We pay special attention to make our Apps’ UI intuitive.

Our projects include:

Mobile Application “Mykonos Giant’s Hunt” where, in collaboration with the Municipality of Mykonos, it created the application to enhance the experience of tourists and visitors to the island. MOPTIL’s vision is to explore new techniques and combine them with the field of culture to provide a customized and more enjoyable method of learning. 

“PILOT – VR Learning System for OSY”  launched by MOPTIL, part of OSYACADEMY training library. This application aims to improve the workflows and the user experience of standard procedures of bus operators.

With innovative, entertaining and intuitive ways, Virtual Reality training is a highly effective process for learning, aligning with the technological breakthroughs of the Metaverse.