We are constantly active and contributing to the gaming industry by developing titles that deliver immersive and exciting gaming experiences using AR/VR and AI technologies.

We create AR and VR games that unfold in the real world, using the player’s location and environment as the core for visualizing and creating the game environment. When using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the use of the device’s camera and sensors can be used in new, exciting and unique experiences.

We also provide services in the education category, where in subjects such as science, history and language, users can learn with audio-visual teaching aids while interacting with them at the same time.

MOPTIL uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve game development in several ways:

It can help analyze player data to gain insight into what players like and dislike about a game, as well as help them discover new games they might like.

Also, with AI we can create more engaging and dynamic stories for customers by embedding real-time dynamic dialogues into games, and create personal assistants or tutors that can interact with players.

A Screenshot from our Mykonos Giants Hunt application. The user in the role of Heracles uses his bow to shoot down Klytios, left, and Enceladus right. Each giant will attack using their own powers, fireballs for Klytios and water swords for Enceladus. On the top, center of the UI we can see the user’s health while on the right corner, the giant’s health is represented with a shield.