At MOPTIL we are passionate about culture and the incorporation of historical facts and values into today’s world. For this reason, we have been leaders in the application of immersive technologies in Cultural Heritage since 2013 and have shown more than 380,000 users of our products the advantages of fusing technology and knowledge.

We collaborate with international travel agencies to provide thousands of users from around the world with a Virtual Reality experience of exploring archaeological sites in Greece and Spain as part of our DIGI-PAST bundle of applications for smartphones and tablets.

But how can technology enable improved, engaging and widely accessible cultural heritage experiences?


Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to display relevant text, imagery, video and narration overlaid on the physical space, allowing visitors to better understand and appreciate the significance of a particular location or object.

Additionally, AR can be used to create interactive exhibits and games that allow visitors to engage with and learn about heritage in a more immersive and interactive way. This technology may also be used to digitally preserve historical locations and artifacts, enabling users to virtually visit and engage with them even if they are inaccessible in person or have been destroyed.