Enable people to harness new opportunities and cultural, educational and professional capabilities through technology and innovation 


We are a market leader company that pioneered in 2014 the use of tablet VR experiences with 3D reconstructions of ancient monuments.  

While we started out in the field of Culture and Tourism, we are now focused on creating innovative immersive experiences in various verticals like Education, Professional Training and Gaming, leveraging upon the power of cutting-edge technologies of Augmented & Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.  

We have received numerous awards and praising mentions, as well as the congratulations of the Greek Minister of Tourism and the former Prime Minister of FranceMr. François Hollande among many others. 

Witness our impressive growth in a short span of a few years…

  • Founding of Mobile Optical Illusions
  • Development of Acropolis 3D and it’s introduction into the Greek market
  • Moptil becomes member of Corallia (Incubator), MOPTIL presents its products to the President of France, François Hollande

  • Development of the Knossos, Olympia and Lindos 3D Apps and introduction of them into the market
  • First Prize for Innovation 2016 in the field of tourism and culture (Start-Up Greece Awards)
  • Mrs. Elena Kountoura, Minister of Tourism in Greece congratulates the team for her innovative products

  • Development of Delphi, Delos and Kos 3D
  • Launching of Kos 3D
  • Prize as the Selected Partner of TUI

  • Launching of Delphi and Delos services
  • Expansion in SpainCartagena Roman Forum
  • Collaboration with Hellenic Cosmos ( )


we launched our new service in Cartagena of Spain and Moptil’s users reached the 300.000. Moptil became member of egg  (

LUX LIFE MAGAZINE awarded Moptil as the Leading Innovator in Heritage Site Experience Software

Moptil develops a revolutionize AR experience for Benaki museum and participates as a founding member in the first Greek Cluster in Tourism and Culture.


Pilot for VR Learning System for OSY launched by MOPTIL, part of the OSYACADEMY training library.